ICADL 2015 is not affiliated with a specific conference hotel. The conference will be held on the Yonsei University campus. Yonsei is in the Sinchon district of Seoul which is a few KM west of the main business district north of the Han River. We can recommend only a few hotels in Sinchon. Many of the hotels are not tourist or business oriented. In Sinchon, we can recommend the Ever8 Hotel, which is a mid-priced hotel about 1.4 KM from the conference site. In the Mapo district nearby, the Loft8 Hotel is a reasonable budget-priced hotel about 2.0 KM from the conference site. We have also heard reasonable things about Casa Ville in Sinchon. Recently: We have found out that all the lower priced rooms at these hotels are sold out although some rooms may still be available from online booking services. We do not have direct experience with them but we believe that some other hotels such as the (2-star) Sinchon Guest House and the Major Hotel in Sinchon (available from booking services) are acceptable.

There are some excellent hotels in the main Seoul business district, especially in Myeongdong, which can be booked online through a services. Some visitors to Yonsei University have stayed at the Koreana Hotel and the Hotel Aropa in that neighborhood. It should be about 15 minutes and less than 10000 KRW (about 9 USD) by taxi from these hotels to the conference site. In additon, there are also many hostels and guesthouses throughout the city but especially in Hongdae which is relatively close to the conference location.